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StageNet was founded to publish open data exchange formats like communication protocols and file formats used in the field of event technology.

For people it is necessary to talk and write the same language. Same with computers - but unfortunately our digital world shows much less tolerance in sense of misunderstandings and wrong spelling. Therefore precise and flexible definitions of protocols for 'talking' and file formats for 'writing' are needed.

Imagine a culture using their own language - and there is no dictionary for this language. No one of this culture could communicate with you and vice verca. Thinking of possible alien civilisations, a problem, generations of scientists and artists worked on. In the world of computers these so called proprietary interfaces more and more leave a bad taste as people like to combine systems or think about these interfaces probably not being supported in future any more.

The main aspect of languages and protocols/file formats should be that they are open such that anyone can learn, understand, work with and work on this standard. This makes the standard alive and - this is the only guarantee that the standard will survive over time.

The focus of StageNet is communication between technology that enables the realisation of events. This is technology doing lightning, pyrotechnics, laser, audio, video, etc. Most likely this will not include technology used by artists to assemble their work (like audio or video editors). Although it includes technology used to put the work into shape for presentation and technology used to perform this presentation.

StageNet promotes these open exchange formats by linking to products and companies offering compatible solutions. With this, StageNet is meant to be both, for the user a point to get information from and for companies a point to advertise their products.