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Avalon is a playback system (like a VCR or a CD-Player), able to read and decode stored formats. The system is built around a server core taking care of message routing and synchronisation. A shared library device driver model is used to exchange data with connected I/O units such as audio boards, DMX512 interfaces and laser projectors. One of the drivers, the StageNet driver, manages an arbitrary amount of units conforming to the SDCP/SMXP protocol. All found units are controlled and watched, communication problems and log files are managed.

A plugin interface is provided for file handler, gateways and realtime datasources (such as games) located in shared libraries. A mechanism to exchange realtime parameters with plugins has been provided.

The server comes with an open network interface for remote controls over TCP/IP. A fully featured remote control software written in Java is part of the server package. This software has an interface specially designed for showtime use and enables you to start/stop/pause/modify,... any shows and show elements being able to be handled by the server.

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